Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an ever-increasing role in tech. This can range from home assistants (such as Alexa and Siri), to helping us find content on websites and in apps. However, the use of AI has slowly expanded beyond the tech industry and find many creative uses in other areas.

Many industries are now turning to AI for a variety of different reasons. Some are using AI to optimise their home delivery planning, while others are trying to teach AI to create new and original pieces of music. Below you can find out a little bit more about how some unexpected industries are using AI to better achieve their goals.


The use of computers to aid education isn’t new, EdTech has been around for a while. However, AI has been finding itself a home in EdTech by helping to improve education for both students and teachers.

Companies such as TurnItIn are using artificial intelligence for a variety of purposes. AI is used in tools to help students improve their writing by providing feedback on spelling, style and grammar. It is also used to help teachers detect plagiarism by automatically scanning student work to discover similarities between different pieces of work.


Recruiters can receive many applications for an individual job advertisement. As a result, AI technology has been helping them to sift through candidate applications and in some cases, even interview candidates.

The AI software can look for specific keywords indicating skills employers are interested in; or they can be used to evaluate a candidate’s cognitive and emotional attributes. If certain scores aren’t reached, they can then even reject a candidate’s application.


Artificial intelligence has also found an unlikely home in the world of art. Recently AI has been developed which can spot art forgeries, and indicate which areas of a painting are likely to have been tampered with.

There is even AI which can generate completely new images based on a text prompt. Although, it does have limits to what it can do, this tech has the potential to make it easy for anyone to create images by providing the AI with a brief description.

Grocery Shopping

Doing your grocery shopping online hasn’t escaped the attention of AI either. Amazon is using AI in combination with a mobile app, to track people and products around their Amazon Fresh stores. This tech allows customers to “just walk out” of the store with payment being taken automatically. Tesco has also announced it will begin trials of a similar model at one of their stores in London.

Ocado is an online-only grocery store which has heavily invested in AI. They use it in areas from recommending products to managing their fully automated warehouses, allowing them to process 65,000 orders a week

Health Care

Health care is also being aided through the use of AI technology. Some social care patients in Dorset will be monitored by AI as part of a trial to detect potential problems earlier. The AI will alert health care professionals if there are changes in behaviour for them to review and then intervene if necessary.

There have also been developments in combining AI-powered apps with smartphones to turn them into diagnostic tools. Kidney disease can now be detected using a smartphone app and a home testing kit with results being straight to their GP.

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