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A WBL Student on a Project Manager role.

My name is Andrew Murray and I am a Computer Science Student at the University of Chester.

I was given a great opportunity from my Work Based Learning Module to work for the Informatics Centre as a small Agile Development team member as the role of Project Manager. So far we've been working for the IC for a couple of weeks now and I have found the experience so far very helpful and the team extremely friendly and willing to help when asked.

Me and my teams goal was to develop a universal mobile application for a client within the University of Chester, to show a list and details of food and trails located throughout the United Kingdom, we found a great amount of resources and information but not a single universal source containing all that information. This will be the main objective of the application being developed.

To accomplish this task we will be using a web based application called PhoneGap. This application will allow the team to work on HTML 5 and CSS 3 with JavaScript, to create the desired mobile application. The reason for this is because the team never worked with the Xcode and all felt more comfortable working the project as a website then using PhoneGap to make it compatible with Android and iOS. We know this is a suitable method as massive companies have taken advantage of this feature like the BBC ( so after research it was clear that taking this approach the best decision for the creating of the mobile application.

To make the application feel more like a mobile app, the team is using additional features from BootStrap which allows for more dynamic look and feel towards the app, these new features are all new to myself and the team but learning new useful skills that will surely be used in the future.

As Project Manager i spent a lot of time contacting the client about the application arranging meeting and giving updates about the application development, also emailed various councils about the use of the information, this has been challenging but also good experience in learning on the day to day jobs of a manager and the processes that must be done so an application can be done.

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