Website Design Chester by the Informatics Centre

A WBL Student on Development

While on my Work Based Learning with the Informatics Centre I have gained experience working on a real client's project which entailed adding features to their website's content management system and implementing the new design for the website.

I have further developed my skills in C#, which I learnt from my web development module during my 2nd year at the University of Chester. It has been valuable for myself to be able to work with the Informatics Centre team as they are a great resource for coding related queries whenever you get stuck! I have also improved my skills in HTML 5 and CSS 3 which has helped implement some tricky styling features on the website's front end.

I have enjoyed my time at the Informatics Centre both working on projects and working with the staff. The experience I will take away from my 5 week placement is going to be valuable for gaining employment after graduating from university in the web development field which is one of my key interests.

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