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A WBL Student on ASP.NET Web Application Development

My name is Stuart Smith; I am a second year Computer Science student and have been doing my work based learning placement at the Informatics Centre. While working here I have found that the company is full of friendly staff members that are happy to help out if you are struggling.

During this experience I have been working on an ASP.NET web application database. On this project I have learnt how software development is approached in the real world whilst working to client expectations, and with team members which is not something that can be taught in a class room. I have also enjoyed the freedom of being able to get on with our own project rather than just shadowing an employee. During the development of the web application I have continued enhancing my ASP.NET knowledge by using already developed skills to help produce the web application. I have also furthered my coding skills by using features I had not previously used such as CSS 3.0 which I have furthered previous CSS 2.0 knowledge.

Before this experience I had little JavaScript knowledge but after working with other team members I now have experience using Bootstrap and was successfully able to help implement the features throughout the web application.

I have found the whole experience enjoyable and informative and it has opened my eyes to how things work in the business world. I would happily encourage future work based learning students to go for a work placement opportunity at the Informatics Centre.

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