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A WBL Student on creating a mobile application

I am currently studying Computer Science at the University of Chester. As part of my course, I am required to undertake a 5 week placement during second year. I came across the Informatics Centre, who were advertising for 'Agile Development Team Members', for which I was accepted.

Once placed in our teams, we were allocated projects to be completed for a client. My team and I were asked to create an app for a dietetics lecturer at the University. This app would display all Food Trails available in the UK, with some advanced features that would take longer to implement. These included dynamic maps and a search function, to locate the nearest Food Trail to the postcode or address entered.

To ensure that the completed app would fully meet the requirements of the client, the team and I organised and attended regular meetings with them throughout the project. A requirements specification was initially developed to outline exactly what the client desired from the app, which was then approved. The other meetings were used to show the client our progress with the app and to allow them to give any feedback or input.

In order to create this app, my team and I have been working on Expression Web using our knowledge of HTML and CSS to create a website template of the app. Through some research and support from the Informatics Centre, PhoneGap was then used to convert the HTML and CSS into code used for an app. The app is accessible by Android and with some further research and work, eventually accessible by iOS as well.

Working for the Informatics Centre for the past few weeks has been an enjoyable and insightful experience into a real working situation. Through having a client, working as part of a team and using unfamiliar software, I have been able to gain knowledge and skills that I can apply to aspects of my career in the future.

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