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A WBL Student on creating an iOS app

As part of my Work Based learning experience at the Informatics Centre I was tasked with develop a mobile application for IOS devices. Our Client wanted me and my team to build a mobile application for his company Acrosec.

Getting to grips with the new software has been difficult; I have never had any other experience with Xcode which we have been using to develop the application. As a team we have had to get to grips with other programming languages i.e. using JavaScript advanced functionalities. As a team we already have previous knowledge with CSS & HTML from our web development modules in the last two academic years, so that did come in handy.

How our iOS App looks

Acrosec App

As a team we have arranged & attended formal meetings with our client where we all went dressed accordingly, I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience. This process has made me feel more confident in myself when it comes to communicating.

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