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A WBL Student on Getting to Grips with Config-Manager

Throughout my work based learning experience in the Informatics Centre my position was that of a Network Administrator. Throughout this placement one of the main programs I dealt with was the Configuration Manager Console; which is a systems management application.

From config-manager it is possible to manage all computer systems on a network, in order to provide remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection and hardware and software inventory.

I was involved with the development, testing and deployment of the Windows 8 image which will be used from 2014 on-wards on both the Informatics Centre and Computer Science Department's computers. Throughout the testing and development of this image the config-manager console was used in order to deploy the OS to test machines; through this I gained valuable knowledge, experience and insight into the customisation and deployment of an Operating System in a business environment.

I have also used config-manager to deploy Graphics Drivers; using WMI queries in order to check if the machine in question had the appropriate hardware.

Throughout my time I have been responsible for virtual and physical machines which I have managed through config-manager, deploying appropriate software to them such as updates and software that will be rolled out into the Informatics Centre and Computer Science Department over the coming months.

I have enjoyed my time on WBL and feel that I have gained valuable knowledge through this experience.

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