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A WBL Student on Icinga Installation

As part of my Work Based learning experience at the Informatics Centre I was tasked with developing a system to allow students to visit a status webpage on the compsci portal to see the status of running services. Dominic Langmead wanted me to use Icinga networking monitor ( The services include IIS for the Student Web Server, Remote Desktop, and MSSQL for database related modules.

Installing Icinga was rather difficult due to the lack of documentation and overall limited amount of troubleshooting help. I found a lot of people asking similar questions to me on forums and mailing lists but there were not many solutions. A large problem in the installation was that the default installation of Icinga actually installed a configuration file incorrectly which caused a multitude of red herrings in my error logs.

I installed Windows Server 2012 for the client along with the NSClient++ software to communicate with the Icinga server. This was rather simple as the client installs easily and troubleshooting guides made for it are plentiful.

I made a webpage using PHP which interfaced using a command line version of Icinga. I created HTML5/CSS3 code and made sure the page validated. The end result is below.

lcinga Installation

To adapt this script to check the services that the admin (Dominic Langmead) wants, it doesn't require too much modifying. A screenshot of the PHP script is below:

lcinga Installation2

We are looking at using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager as an alternative for this since that doesn't require as much maintaining and works on Windows rather than Linux which Dom is more familiar with.

I have very much enjoyed working on this project, among others to increase my knowledge of networking in an enterprise environment. I have been working on a lot of other tasks so time management has been very important. The staff at Informatics are very friendly and helpful which makes WBL very fun and I have enjoyed my time here very much.

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