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A WBL Student on SEO and Social Media

I have enjoyed working with the Informatics Centre, during my 5-week placement here I was assigned a to a social media based job. This meant that I had to promote Buckingham House, the hotel, online presence. This has involved a lot of research into topics I haven't worked with before such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing.

I have developed my knowledge of SEO quite a lot, as it is something which I had never had any experience of previously. I have used a few different online programs such as HootSuite and TweetDeck which has developed a better understanding of how businesses present their information to their followings via social networking. Those programs also allow the user to type one message and it to be sent to numerous social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ etc.

Using Hootsuite

Using HootSuite

I have had to do research into how best to gain followers on twitter. We strategically followed certain accounts we believed would allow us to earn more. We now currently have 192 followers. Unfortunately our project hasn't been as successful on our Facebook and Google+ pages, so that is where our aim lies now.

Finally, this experience has helped me when it comes to my communication skills. I have only ever sat in two meetings previous to this at a previous work experience. However in both of those meetings I have never had to speak or make any form of communication; however this time I've had to communicate with the client via face-to-face contact, email, phone calls etc. This is something which I will take with me into my future.

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