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A WBL Student on starting out as a designer

Work Based Learning has been eventful so far. It has taken a lot out of me as I have never worked a full time job. This has impacted me in many ways and as a result I feel a bit more independent and knowledgeable. The Informatics Centre have been very supporting as well by allowing me to self-study and providing me with the appropriate tools and tutorials to get started as well as offering me good suggestions and advice on certain aspects

I have been working on the design side of projects and focusing on pleasing my clients with eye-catching yet functional logos, banners, apps and so on. This has brought to me a new challenge far more difficult than a lot of my past experiences as this required me to learn new programs and think in new and creative ways.

So far I have learnt how to use the essentials of Adobe's Photoshop and I have done a bit on Adobe's fireworks as well as Adobe Illustrator. Another skill I have learnt is how to communicate effectively with clients and how to obtain the most useful information to be able to offer the client what they want.

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