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A WBL student on using Bootstrap

My name is Liam Fell and I am a Computer Science student with The University of Chester.

I have been working with the Informatics Centre for the past few weeks on a web based project as part of a work based learning module. The customer of the project is a faculty within the University, who has left the front end design of the website pretty open to us on the project. I saw this as a great opportunity to implement Twitter Bootstrap in to the project, something I have been keen to use for a few months now.

Bootstrap is a free to use front end framework which contains an array of pre-built components; CSS, HTML, jQuery, Java Script and Ajax templates, classes and scripts. These components have a multitude of uses and applications.

Brewery DB is a great example of a simple site implemented predominantly using the Bootstrap framework. The site is relatively clean looking, modern, responsive and contains some nice functionality. A great endorsement of the Bootstrap framework is the fact I suspect the site didn't take long at all to implement. Relative to a similar site being built with similar features without using Bootstrap, it has taken a fraction of the amount of time.

What appeals to me with Bootstrap is the fact that components and classes can be cherry picked from the library and implemented in to almost any application.

There are masses of information and tutorials on the net specific to the framework, and is all extremely accessible. The Bootstrap library is available from

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