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A WBL Student on using Xcode

My name is Kate Radcliff and I'm an Information Systems Management student at the University of Chester.

Working for the Informatics Centre for the past few weeks has been interesting and enjoyable. Throughout the experience I have felt like there is a friendly and helpful team behind me for support whenever needed.

My work experience has been based around creating an iOS mobile application for the company Acrosec (, so they are able to create printable reports from a form after their scenting detection dogs search airplanes at major international aviation hubs.

To do this, my team and myself have been working with the Objective-C within the software Xcode, which was quite daunting at first, as none of us had used it before. We have also used HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. After a few weeks my knowledge as well as my confidence grew when using Xcode, which is a skill I might be able to apply in the near future.

In order to achieve making our application I have had to organise and attend weekly meetings with our client. Before working for the Informatics Centre I had never participated in meetings before, therefore this was hugely beneficial for me, as my communication skills are now slowly improving.

Xcode showing the all pages of the application

Using Xcode for app development

iPhone application form that the client fills in before emailing and printing a report.

Developing iOS apps
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