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Creating a film trailer!

Over the past few weeks we have been working on a trailer for the LearnerVerse film festival. After some deliberation we decided to create an "Apprentice Style" film with a twist at the end!

We initially thought that creating a short trailer would be a nice easy fun task, however it soon emerged that although it was fun, it was not all that easy! A storyboard had to be created so we knew what shots were being filmed, and all the actors (*cough* developers *cough*) had to try and learn their few lines.

Russ and Paul from LearnerVerse kindly came over to the Informatics Centre to film the trailer for us, which was a hilarious morning, as we messed up our lines many times! Then afterwards I set out to learn how to use Adobe Premier Pro, and became the film editor!

Now the trailer is finished, we can all safely say we need to stick to our day jobs! However, we thought we should provide you with some of the best (or worst) outtakes to have a laugh at our expense!

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