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Creating a WordPress Website

While working on the website for our sister company, the New Technology Initiative (NTI) I have learnt a lot about WordPress. I had previously not got any experience using the CMS, and it has been a steep learning curve, especially as I have also not used PHP much before.

Although the website is fairly straightforward, we wished to include a booking system so people can book onto the courses without phoning, and also a user login area, where users can manage their profiles and review their courses. It was also decided that a news area would be beneficial.

Part of working with WordPress involved creating the front-page template, in order to do this I found a very useful blog post which can be found here. The blog provides a simple explanation on creating templates, and then how to implement both a customized home page as well as integrating a news page within the website.

One of the reasons I chose to use WordPress was that it has such a wide variety of plugins, such as the teachpress one which has been implemented as a course booking system. Plugins are a great way to put functionality into a website without worrying about coding it all.

So far this has been an interesting learning curve, and the website isn't even finished yet. I look forward to my next article when I will hopefully be launching it, having learnt even more!

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