Responding to student suggestions and feedback is key to maintaining well-designed courses and improving student engagement within higher education. Our student suggestion box and feedback system enables students to easily submit their ideas, while making it quick for staff to process and respond to them.

Students are at their best when they are engaged and feel a sense of belonging to their university or college. Quick responses to student suggestions can increase that sense of belonging by helping students feel understood.

Improve Process Transparency

Example notification email for a response to student feedback

Universities are complex institutions. This can make it difficult to make processes entirely transparent to students. Students may feel their suggestions are simply lost in the process, as it can take a long time for a response to be received as they are passed to relevant departments.

Our student feedback system displays student suggestions to all students. Responses to suggestions are also visible to all parties. This improves the transparency of the feedback process and helps students feel empowered.

Prioritise Student Suggestions

Student suggestion with a "thumbs up" upvote button

It can be difficult to tell what changes will have the biggest impact on student well-being and satisfaction. Usually, student suggestions are invisible to other students, and they can’t easily add their support to suggestions.

Student suggestions submitted through our student suggestion box system are visible to all students. This allows them to give a “thumbs up” to a suggestion showing their support. This enables higher education institutions to prioritise areas students are most concerned about.

Anonymous By Default

Student suggestion with an input box for providing a response

Sometimes students can feel concerned about providing critical feedback or making suggestions. As a result, some student suggestion box submissions don’t provide the full picture of the issues students encounter.

Our student suggestion box system displays all submissions anonymously. This allows students to feel confident in being completely honest when providing feedback. Because of this, institutions can respond more effectively through gaining an accurate understanding of issues.

Student suggestion boxes can encourage greater student participation, by providing a “have your say” opportunity. This can increase student engagement, as well as help to gain insight into improving the student experience.

If you would like more information about our student suggestion box and feedback system, feel free to get in touch to find out more details.