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Informatics Centre Rebranding

After our website was redesigned in April 2012 to demonstrate our web design skills, we have been making steady changes to align our branding with the new style, and are pleased to say that the changes are nearly finished.

When a business undertakes a rebrand they usually follow an evolutionary track, for example the Pepsi brand logo, which has had many individual iterations. Our rebranding may not have been quite as smooth as theirs, but we have worked hard to get to where we are today.

pepsi logo changes

Throughout a rebrand, a variety of questions need to be asked, from why we are doing a rebrand, to whether the customer profile has changed, and how this solution will work in several years time. We carefully considered all these features when changing our branding.

Initially we changed from the squirrel because we felt it had no relevance to our business as a web design company. icCreate was designed as a corporate image, however leaving our academic roots behind wasn't in keeping with our ethos and we therefore decided to return to Informatics Centre, but maintain the ic logo, which we felt represented us well.

Our colour scheme is based around a dark shade of bluey-green; with a lot of neutral tones overlaid to brighten the appearance. This sharp contrast has become the basic palette of not only the website, but also leaflets, brochures, social media, business cards, and anything else we will produce in the future.

pepsi logo changes

We are now working hard on our brand consistency, to ensure the ethos of our business is maintained. We provide high quality products built by a combination of students and professionals. When people think of us, we want them to think "oh yes, they put a lot of work into developing their employees, and they always deliver high quality products" because that is exactly what we do.

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