Website Design Chester by the Informatics Centre

Informatics Centre works with University of Chester Academies Trust

The University of Chester Academies Trust (UCAT) recently launched a new website developed by the University's Informatics Centre to update their branding and incorporate new features such as an interactive map showing their academies' locations.


The website provides information about UCAT as well as their ethos and services. It also improves interaction between themselves and parents as well as allowing easier consultation over prospective academies through the use of online forms.

As well as creating the UCAT website, the Informatics Centre also created a majority of the academy school's websites, working closely with UCAT and the academies to ensure that all the websites contain the relevant functionality, and are branded according to the UCAT guidelines.

UCAT Website

The UCAT Academy websites have a variety of features, including events, image galleries, downloads for things such as newsletters and prospectuses, social media feeds, and contact forms. The framework is also currently under development for version 2, the content for which is being established by a focus ground consisting of a group of teachers, IT professionals, and UCAT staff.

UCAT Birkenhead
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