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iOS App or Responsive Design?

In October 2007 Apple released the very first iPhone. It was one of the first mobile devices to provide users with access to full websites and feature-packed apps while remaining easy to use. Since this the mobile phone market has never looked back and developing apps for mobiles has never been more important.

An important point to consider when a company is entering the mobile app market is whether it really needs an app for iPhone or iPad. Responsive Web Design provides a very attractive option for providing a great user experience while being cheaper than creating a separate app and website.

The downside to a responsive website is that it is not accessible when someone does not have internet access and it cannot use a device's features such as accelerometers or a camera. By making use of these features apps can provide people with the ability to engage with a company and their products like never before; for example using the camera to preview how a sofa would look in their living room before buying.

Developing iPhone apps can be greatly rewarding to a company and provide them with a new vector for targeting sales and gaining information about consumers, however it is important that an iPhone app is created with its exact purpose in mind to be most effective.

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