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Optimising Social Media

Over the past few weeks we have optimized our social media usage, which included reviewing and improving our level of effectiveness. This was done to enhance the content and communication quality to generate a greater business value and increase the level of conversions.

We work across a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine. This wide selection ensures a large cross section of potential customers and stakeholders across a range of demographics. The primary social networks we use are Facebook and Twitter, however Pinterest, Instagram and Vine in conjunction for photographs and videos.

social media types

Using images in articles can increase the total views on the page by up to 94%. The engagement rate of Facebook posts with photographs is also far higher than those with just text or links. Using social networks like Instagram and Pinterest, photographs are not only shared natively, but also on Facebook or Twitter. As Instagram is now owned by Facebook, and photographs are now displayed within their own specific photo section.

Infographics have increased in popularity as Internet Marketers and other companies create content to improve a business' reputation and online presence. Infographics are also frequently shared on social media, as they are such an effective way of communicating information, which may then go viral.

We publish a variety of content on our social media platforms, including the popular "tip of the day" which uses the hashtag #informaticsTips. Hashtags originated on Twitter and grew in popularity as the social network increased in size, it was then also adopted by other social networks including LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and most recently, Facebook. For B2B communications, the use of hashtags can increase the number of clicks they receive by up to 193%, whereas in B2C communications the number of clicks can be decreased by 82% ( with the use of hashtags.

Overall the use of social media has shifted dramatically over the past few years, and it does not look set to settle down at any time soon. However in order to continue with social media optimization, it is essential to review and improve the content and communication, as well as following all current social media trends.

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