Easter eggs are something we all look forward to (especially if they’re chocolate) every year! But did you know that there are digital Easter eggs too?

According to Wikipedia an Easter egg is “a message, image, or feature hidden in a video game, film, or other, usually in electronics, medium.” We thought we’d share some of the best digital eggs we have found for you to enjoy!

Microsoft Edge Surf Game

Screenshot of Microsoft Edge Surf Game

This is a fun to play mini game included in Microsoft’s newest web browser. If you ever played SkiFree you will find the game easy to pick up with simple left, right and down controls as you guide your surfer around numerous obstacles in the sea.

If you are using Microsoft edge you use the following link to get to the Surf Game.

Google Search Barrel Roll

Screenshot of Google Search doing a barrel roll

If you ever needed more proof that the people at Google have a sense of humour, you don’t have to look far. When you enter “do a barrel roll” into Google Search, you are treated to a surprisingly nauseating experience. The search results page will rotate a full 360 degrees to complete a full barrel roll before finally settling down.

If you want to see the effect you can use this link to jump to Google “do a barrel roll”.

Microsoft Bing Pong

Screenshot of Microsoft Bing Pong Game

One of the most successful and well-known games from the 1970s is Atari’s Pong. Microsoft has now brought this table tennis-themed to their Bing search engine. When you enter “pong” into Microsoft Bing, the game appears at the top of the search results with computer opponent for you to play against.

You can use this link to jump to Microsoft Bing Pong.

Google Chrome Dino Game

Screenshot of Google Chrome Dino Game

If you’ve ever lost your internet connection and seen the Dino in Google Chrome, you’ve been one step away from playing a fun little game while you wait for your internet to come back. Press the spacebar while on this page and a game will start where you navigate Dino around various obstacles as you race through the desert.

If you are using Google Chrome, you can use this link to jump to Google Chrome Dino and then press the spacebar to start the game.

Google Search Bletchley Park

Screenshot of Google Search "bletchley park" decoding

Bletchley Park became the centre of code breaking efforts for the Allied forces during World War II. As a tribute to this, when you search for “Bletchley Park” on Google a small surprise is waiting. The title of “Bletchley Park” is encrypted and it is slowly decrypted in a stream of characters over the next few seconds.

If you want to see the effect you can use this link to jump to Google “bletchley park”.

There are some amazing Easter eggs hiding in great web designs and brilliant software development projects! Have you found any funny Easter eggs or have we missed your favourite? Get in touch and let us know about yours.