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Product Launch: Safeguarding Essentials

Earlier this week our latest mobile app was released into the iOS App Store, Safeguarding Essentials.

The App has been developed by us, the Informatics Centre in partnership with Cheshire Constabulary, The University of Chester, WBC, CWAC and the Warrington Wolves Foundation.

It provides essential information on relevant adult and child safeguarding legislation and guidance, essential facts on a range of safeguarding issues such as sexual exploitation and contains a comprehensive directory of support services in the areas of adult and child safeguarding.

The app is intended for use by students, teaching and healthcare professionals and the police force, though it is also a useful for anybody interested in safeguarding.

The app was launched at the 'looking beneath the surface' conference held at the University of Chester, Warrington Campus earlier this year. We will continue to update the app with fresh content and intend to add features based on user feedback.

You can find the app here

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