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Responsive Web Design

Organisations are seeing a major shift in the browsing habits of their customers; the number of people browsing the internet via mobile devices has increased dramatically in the last few years. Organisations are searching for ways to give the best mobile experience and Responsive Web Design is the solution.

Responsive Web Design is a concept aimed at creating a website that responds to the features of the browsing device. For example, if you re-size this page you will see elements of the page change when you reach smaller sizes, and the menu changes to a touch-based interface when you reach mobile screen sizes.

Responsive Web Design Informatics Centre


Not convinced?

61% of people are more likely to leave a mobile unfriendly website and 67% of people are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly website. Organisations such as Microsoft and Starbucks are also catching on.

Responsive Web Design Microsoft


Responsive Web Design Starbucks


For those looking for alternatives: you can build two separate websites, one for mobile, and one for desktop; or you can develop native mobile apps targeted to specific devices (iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, for example). Both are valid approaches but carry an increased cost and there is no guarantee of them being future-proof. A responsive website is the best approach for maximising an organisation's ROI.

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