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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When we redeveloped our website, we wanted to ensure that people found us. In order to achieve this we had to apply Search Engine Optimisation to our site. This is achieved through a variety of on-site and off-site techniques.

On-Site SEO

There are a variety of on-site techniques which can be used to improve the ranking of a website, including:

1. Titles, Descriptions and meta keywords - these are what Google reads first, and they provide an overview of the page content, this information is included in our website like this:

Web Design SEO

2. Body text- you need to ensure the text is a balance of concise information with relevant keywords

3. Sensible URLS- the subdirectory folder and page of content should be appropriately named to reflect content

4. Same site link texts- ensure that links connecting your pages all have key words as their anchor text

5. Outbound link texts- ensure that when you link to external sources you have SEO'd the anchor text

6. Image alt text- your images should be described using appropriate keywords

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO techniques are concerned with all the things that can be done on other websites to improve your search engine rankings. Techniques include:

1. Link building- this is the backbone of modern SEO. Relevant sites linking to yours and vice versa

2. Submitting to Search Engines and directories- always ensure they are up to date, with relevant information

Web Design SEO

3. Word of mouth- engaging with relevant websites, forums and discussion boards to create backlinks.

4. Paid listings- using Google AdWords will ensure your listing shows up immediately, in the long term though it will also have a positive effect on your organic page ranking

5. Tracking and analysis- using tracking software such as Google analytics you can gain insight into who is using your website

6. Social media- market yourself, engage in relevant communities, and direct users back to your website

There are also a variety of pieces of software which can be used while working on the SEO of a site, such as SEOmoz and seo book. Tools like these can be used to create an SEO audit of a site, and they can then highlight any problem areas and make suggestions of improvements.

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