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Summer at the Informatics Centre

So the academic year at the University of Chester is officially over and the weather is just about warming up. As you'd expect we're still very busy on numerous exciting projects as well as preparing for the 2012/2013 first year students, the downside is that campus is strangely quiet and it's a bit too easy to concentrate what with no distractions of lots of students!

Firstly, a huge congratulations goes out to Dom, Briony and James for their fantastic degree results and we're also chuffed to announce that some third Computer Science students Matt Elloy and Arran Collier will be doing some work for us, so welcome aboard chaps.

Also it's time to say farewell to our long serving centre manager Steve Westgarth who is going off into the big bad world to set up his own business in mobile app development, so good luck and thanks for all your work over the years Steve!

The saving grace on campus has been the Student Union Starbucks staying open all summer long; I don't think Matt would survive without his daily sugary, caramel, chocolaty mess of a coffee!

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