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The site workshop is born

During February, myself and Alex casually reflected on our current website. We concluded it was looking tired and in need of some attention. In a separate conversation we had said that our team hadn't really had a 'break' from our projects and that we could do with a couple of days out the office, doing something different. That's when the site week workshop born...

We decided that for two days we'd close our doors and put all of our projects on hold. The plan was to take all of the team away from the office but taking everything we needed. The boot of my car was full of Macbook Pro's, monitors, Sticky Notes, iPad's and a range of Smart Phones. We also had plenty of food and drink to keep the energy levels up! Prior to going, we had planned roughly the direction we wanted the site to go in, but we didn't want to tell the team that was the plan, instead we decided to leave the two days completely open and see where team discussions got us.

You'll be able to see what we got up to over the next couple of months in the form of our new site so stay tuned

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