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Welcome to the Jungle

This month we have been working with The Jungle in Warrington and a group of eight second year students as part of their work based learning module here at the University.

Two of the students, Arran Collier and Matt Elloy worked incredibly hard during their placements and have been rewarded with the chance to work at the Informatics Centre! So well done guys. Arran has given us a summary of what the work placement involved:

"We were split up into two teams and given the task of developing an iPhone application for a children's play centre in the local area. We worked as a team and with the Informatics Centre staff to create a fun and engaging app which we presented to the client. I really enjoyed the experience of working in an agile software development environment, working along side the Informatics Centre staff allowed me to gain invaluable experience, the app itself had games for children and useful information about The Jungle. When designing the application we used Adobe Photoshop and for development we used Apple xCode along with HTML5 and CSS3. These were all new languages to us so this provided us with a great challenge.

I have now been given the opportunity to work with the Informatics Centre throughout the summer and my 3rd year at the University of Chester to help develop and gain more expertise in my field. The experience of the work based learning module and continuing to work at the Informatics Centre will give me a big advantage when considering my future job prospects."

Since then Arran and Matt have been working with us on numerous projects and have been fantastic additions to the team. Stay tuned to find out more about their progress and development as they go into their 3rd year here at the University of Chester.

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