HTTPS connections are an important part of keeping websites and apps secure. But why does your website need to use them?

Websites rely on communications being sent between your device and a web server. When using HTTP, these communications can be read by anyone sharing the same connection as you (such as the same Wi-Fi network).

Advantages of HTTPS

HTTP connections can help prevent some of the common security issues which are present when visiting websites. When a website or app uses a HTTPS connection there are several advantages to both the user and the service. 

Keep your users web browsing private

Using a HTTPS connection helps to prevent others from knowing which pages of your website a user has visited. The secure connections also keep the content of the communication private; this allows a user to enter information such as passwords safely.

Avoid being labelled as “not secure” 

Modern web browsers actively label websites which use HTTP connections as “not secure”. This could make a user more cautious about visiting your website or using your services. By making sure that your website uses HTTPS connections you avoid this problem.

Improve your SEO

All the way back in 2014, Google announced that they were going to start factoring in a website’s use of HTTPS connections to decide where they should appear in search results. By using HTTPS connections your website can avoid being penalised by Google when they display search engine results.

How Do I Switch to HTTPS Connections?

HTTPS connections use SSL certificates to secure the communication between a user and the web server.

Many web hosting companies allow you to add an existing SSL certificate to your website to support HTTPS connections. Some even have features which acquire an SSL certificate from a free certificate authority (such as Let’s Encrypt) and add this to your website as part of a fully automated process.

We offer SSL and HTTPS support as part of our web design and web development services. If you need any help ensuring your website has support for HTTPS connections, feel free to get in touch to find out how we can help.