Design Sprint

Design sprints bring together the knowledge of your business experts and combine it with the experience of our designers and developers. This allows you to build better products more quickly.

What is a design sprint?

Developing new or existing products is an incredibly resource-intensive process. Generating ideas for your product, testing them and then evaluating the results takes a great deal of time and upfront investment.

A design sprint helps with this process by providing you with a way to quickly find, design, prototype and test a solution to a specific challenge. This is achieved through a week-long process which explores and solves your challenges by drawing your key stakeholders and experts into an environment which facilitates collaboration and problem-solving.

Design solutions

Design is key to the success of most products and it can be even more critical to web design and app design. During a design sprint, you quickly generate, collate and evaluate design ideas so you are only left with the best.

These ideas are then used to produce a storyboard representing the best solution to reach the goal outlined at the start of the sprint.

Prototype the product

After the final design ideas have been assembled and a storyboard formed from the result, the next step is to construct a prototype of your website or app. This can be in the form of a paper prototype or a high-fidelity interactive design which a user can click (or tap) their way through.

Test & Evaluate

The final steps in the design sprint are to test the prototype by presenting the final result to your target audience. From here, the prototype is evaluated against the objectives established at the start of the week, allowing a data-driven decision to be made on the most effective next steps.

User testing a prototype
Remote design sprint using Mural

Remote Design Sprints

Design sprints can be just as effective remotely. Instead of meeting in person they can be conducted using video conferencing software and virtual whiteboards allowing the design sprint team to collaborate, innovate and succeed even when working from different locations.