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DIY Physio App

The DIY Physio Lower Back iPhone app includes videos which are simple to follow and can be very effective to prevent and relieve lower back pain. We designed and built the app for the well known Chester based physiotherapist Katie Copeland.

Teacher Mentor

Project Brief

Katie Copeland wished to create a no-nonsense iPhone app, which could be used to demonstrate exercise to help alleviate lower back pain. It was decided that an iPhone app would be the most appropriate method for delivery as at the time it had the largest mobile app store and client base suitable for Katie's business. The design of the app revolved around wanting to cater for a large target audience with the main idea of providing clear and concise navigation and directions.


Technology & Services

Video was captured using a Canon DSLR, voiceover was later added, and the footage edited using Final Cut Pro. The video was compressed to fit within the 20MB over-the-air download limit at the time of release. This was especially important, as it meant that users could download the app whatever their connection, but also that all video is contained within the app, so the app can be used even when the device does not have an internet connection. The app was built using Objective-C, the native language for the iOS platform.

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