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  • Mobile application
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  • PuzzleDuck provide digital treasure hunts for businesses, educational institutions, charities, and private events.
  • PuzzleDuck approached us with the task of developing on an idea for a digital treasure hunt app, where participants could team up and compete with other teams to tackle various types of challenges.

The solution

We worked with PuzzleDuck over a few weeks to develop a prototype using a process we call a ‘Design Sprint’ – an intense five-day process to design, create, and test new ideas. The prototype was invaluable in us developing the first version of the app, supporting both the Android and iOS platform.

The impact

The app has been used in a variety of contexts; it’s been used at open days, heritage sites and shopping centres to name a few. In each hunt, the feedback and engagement from participants is extremely positive.

From the beginning, it was clear that the team at the Informatics Centre loved the initial concept of PuzzleDuck and, in the first few meetings, they were already suggesting things I had not thought of. I think if you can establish that sort of open and honest relationship with your developers, then you know you have made the right choice.

Mal BlackburneFounder
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