Student Feedback System

Respond to student feedback faster

Student feedback is often collected through meetings and surveys at certain points throughout the year, but student issues don’t wait for meetings. Our student feedback system allows feedback to be collected as soon as students encounter issues.

This allows you to respond to student feedback faster than before, providing you with valuable opportunities to resolve issues with positive student outcomes.

Student suggestion with an input box for providing a response

Like to support

When a student leaves their feedback, it is available to be seen by everyone, staff and students alike. Students can then like other feedback showing their support or agreement with the statements.

This allows you to find out the most important issues to your students, identifying the areas where changes may have the biggest impact on improving or maintaining student satisfaction.

Up to date every step of the way

Notification emails are sent to students when their feedback has received a response. This puts the response straight in the student’s email inbox and allows the student to remain up to date without the need to keep checking a specific website.

Example notification email for a response to student feedback
Student feedback categories: idea, problem, question and praise

Discover the good, as well as the bad

The feedback system allows students to voice their praise as well as their concerns. With dedicated categories for ideas, praise, problems and questions students can let you know what is working well for them.


Hear the student voice and gather student suggestions

Allowing students to voice their suggestions directly ensures that communication is clear. Empowering students in this way lets them know that their suggestions are heard.

Anonymous, but not unknown

Student feedback is displayed to staff and other students in an anonymised format. This allows students to feel safe and secure, encouraging them to voice their true and full concerns.

The identity of the student who left the feedback is recorded in the system and can be identified if necessary, for any safeguarding concerns.

Increase transparency

Student feedback can be left in place and seen by other students. This increases the transparency of the feedback process, encouraging students to continue to engage and share their thoughts.