Systems Integration

We are a digital agency based in the University of Chester, creating bespoke systems integrations for businesses across the UK. We are ideally placed to support businesses with their software and API integration requirements.

Why do you need systems integration?

Modern businesses use a variety of systems for specific purposes. You may use HR software, accountancy software, CRM software, education software and even more to carry out tasks across your business. These systems often do well at their specific jobs, but don’t share data and information in a process that makes sense for your business.

This is where systems integration can help to join these different systems together into a process that works for you.

Bespoke system integrations, tailored to you

The systems we produce are tailored specifically to your needs. We can create a bespoke application to integrate your systems and workflow into a central location or create an integration app to automate processes between different applications.

Direct access to the experts

We are a team dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible – so we cut out the middleperson and let you speak directly to the expert systems developers and systems integrators who are working on your project. This allows us to answer your questions and provide you with the advice you need as soon as possible.

The best of academia and industry

We are based within the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Chester. This allows us to bridge the gap between the latest innovations in systems design and development. We always use the latest systems integration techniques and their practical implementations.

Third-party API integration

Most modern applications come with an API allowing different software to talk to each other. We use these APIs to interact with the software powering your business. This allows us to automate operations between your different systems to save you time and resources.

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Bespoke systems for you

Not every systems integration project is the same, and yours shouldn’t be either. We take our time to fully understand your needs, objectives, and requirements so that the solutions we offer you will provide you with the best results.

If you need an app or website to accompany your systems integration project – we offer app development and web design services too!

The latest technology is the foundation of our systems

With systems development, the aim is always to produce secure, safe and scalable systems for our clients. For this to happen we make good use of proven agile development methods, the right combination of industry expertise and the latest technologies. We have a long history of software development using Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core.

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Simplify your data flow

Integrating your software systems allows you to seamlessly synchronise data between your business software. This allows you to spend less time manually inputting data across systems and focus on growing your business.


Every systems integration project is unique. Our prices are the same. Each project is priced individually based upon your system features and requirements. We consider the amount of time it will take us to implement your system requirements and then price your project based upon this.

We’ve successfully completed hundreds of projects at locations across the UK, including:

  • Chester
  • Ellesmere Port
  • Warrington
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester

Start building your systems integration project today.

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